Just As It Wasn’t In The 70s When It Wasn’t Available

Say what?

That’s right, technology is NOT actually for you.

There may be few who have admitted that.

It has no purpose. It has no means. It has no usefulness.

It only exists BECAUSE YOU DO.

Because inefficient brains that being the “experts” needed something to do and you were around. Said kindly not arrogantly.

This is the practical reality.

And “experts” still struggle with it, which is actually a struggle within themselves this many years later. That they’re not willing to acknowledge or don’t recognize.

So let’s help them out here…

My grandfather would say the “experts” have way too much time on their hands.

And that’s actually the plain visible truth it’s not a secret.

For take a look around the “experts” aren’t feeding themselves, which is technically actual production/productivity when you can.

This is called distraction.

So what makes it appear brilliant when it’s not?

It would be all up to you the consumer to create NEW DEMAND for their laziness away from productivity. Away from themselves. Away from you.

You’re already a species that’s been on earth for millions of years and there’s millions more after you and you’ve got to be willing to keep that demand up.

Otherwise, those inefficient brains will have to actually feed themselves and they don’t want to. Literally.

So how do they do it? HOW do they sell you on it?

Ever since Homo sapiens came along there’s been nothing but redundancy on planet Earth.

Homo sapiens work against themselves. All the controlling species cares about is its ideas. Its ego. It’s constantly battling back and forth over it. It’s highly asinine. Food, water, shelter, clothing do not matter to this species, as it doesn’t have to provide these for itself. It totally takes these for granted.

Now, here’s the stupid thing:

The “nice” of the species are the providers. So what do you think that leaves the rest of the species to do?

If other “humans” weren’t providing these things the species would die.

And that enables the rest of the species to have time on their side. TIME TO DO NOTHING but create conflict to get off on themselves.

That’s their only instinct — getting off.

Children do the exact same thing when they have too much time on their hands.

It’s actually neglectful to create so much time.


And once they become adults, it’s only that they communicate ideas differently now, as no longer appearing as child, monkey and ape.

But they still are. They’re still fighting between themselves like aggressive chimps.

And you are born to be slave to that demand to feed its ego to make it feel good about itself.

This is the most ancient of its behaviour. And the most basic.

Ultimately, does that mean there’s anything new and “genius,” at all?

No. No, definitely not. EVERYTHING IS PRIMORDIAL.

Also known as “the same old same old bullshit.”

And frankly, I’m surprised Jane Goodall hasn’t recognized this already.

However, she’s too “nice,” see.

And you can’t be “nice” when you need to be able to observe in order to recognize and acknowledge what appears to you.

Because “nice” is how you cheat yourself, as you will see further ahead.

It took millions of years for the species to spank “nice” into you.

Just so it could take advantage of you.

But in only a single night, you can change that.

You have no idea of the power you have — and it’s in your mind.

If there were no “humans” on Earth there would be BALANCE.

Earth may as well have tipped when Homo sapiens appeared.

There is A LOT of redundancy in technology that takes you away from what you can think and do for yourself.

I’m also banging it every single day at work when I’m better off without it. And frankly, pisses me off that I’m being used to never actually get ahead.

Unless it’s “cutting-edge” it’s not necessary it’s forever a waste of time. And even that has challenges, as human beings can’t always be trusted or aren’t strong enough to trust themselves. You have to be clever enough or experienced enough to know exactly WHO you are dealing with to know exactly WHAT you are dealing with and HOW it is you are dealing with the types of thought experiments coming out of the species heads.


It’s like nature is saying you have to know them better than they know themselves. AND THAT SHOULD BE YOUR OWN MAJOR DEMAND OF YOURSELF, TOO.

You are an evolutionary creature and if you don’t use what you yourself have your species falls behind.

It’s called talent. And you used to be it.

Today, “experts” discuss whether technology has stopped the species from evolving.

What does that mean for you?

Your own species has got you exactly where it wants you. As slave. As helpless. As dependent.

Do you see the pattern here? Do you see the competition up against yourself?

The “geniuses” were set up to think they’re “geniuses.”

It’s merely the primordial behaviour Homo sapiens labeled themselves as “ego.”

And it’s SO BIG, right. Appears bigger than you. That’s all.

You think they’re “genius” and then they hire you. And then you think you’re “genius,” and so on, and so on, and so on… until the species is so far behind it never knows it.

That’s what’s actually happening here no matter whether anyone knows it or not.

It’s ass-backwards. And I’ve been intuiting that for years.

You can easily see it everywhere you go — there’s always someone trying to keep you back. They don’t want to see you get ahead.

Not only do they work against you — they work against themselves.

Everybody knows this. But nobody does a damn thing about it.

Because the species isn’t self-disciplined.

And in case you haven’t noticed — nobody teaches that.

No. No, they teach their ideas. Spread it like wildfire no holding back.

Sometimes, ideas develop because inefficiency is jealous of you. And it wants to bring not only you, but your entire country down.

And, of course, it looks “genius” to you BECAUSE IT’S NEW.

BUT IT’S NOT. Believe me, there’s absolutely nothing new about it, at all. This is actually the primordial behaviour. That’s all it is.

And behavior is a study.

And if your leaders aren’t aware of it?

They likely are on top of each other to keep their wits about themselves and we can be grateful for this.

But the most of what my leader does, as an evolutionary creature, I still see as only hanging around. LOL

So where are “innovations” coming from?

It could be from your own backyard for all you know. It’s important to ask questions for yourself and to question yourself, so that you can challenge yourself instead of live unaware being taken advantage of or worse inflict yourself with your own harm.

Anthropologists will tell you that the Homo sapiens species is not all it brags to be.

It could have only been a scam to label it as “wise” at the time it was thought of, so that the species could make you believe in the direction it wanted to go.

And that’s what we call advertisement it’s highly manipulative it has NOTHING to do with being “genuis,” at all.

It’s not the technology that’s gonna move you forward you have to be able to do that yourself.

Otherwise, you become as useless as those inefficient brains my grandfather was concerned about when he rather did everything himself. Literally.

And it is THAT where the actual balance exists.

It’s not creating waste. It’s not creating conflict. Because it is practical. Because of its clear focus that makes it capable for this.

Anything more is greed. And that wouldn’t have worked for my grandfather he knew this.

A highly intelligent man for only a grade five education.

And you’re made to go to school for what?

To be “smart?”


Clearly, you can see how this works against you.

My grandparents never had it “the easy way.” And I never once heard them complain.

Because they never wanted that, which is how I know they never wanted that for me either.

And I’m happy they were strong enough to keep my attention on them or I would have lost what they were about from memory when they died.

What’s more difficult is what empowers you. There’s no such thing as “hard” when you’ve been at practice doing it for millions of years.

How do you think other species have made it here?

And you’re the youngest one alive… HOW long do you think your species has to live doing things “the easy way?”

Sure, it lives longer today. But it’s being made useless.

And that’s not a win-win.

I’d rather live feeling capable than be used my whole life.

Example: Think of “smart technology.” What can you do with it?

Do you know what my grandfather would have said if he saw me using a cellular device to shut off his lights?

“Get out.” He would have been extremely disappointed to see the laziness in it.

When you see clearly you will see a lot of things ridiculous, as these really are.

It’s only ego’s force that pushes it as otherwise.

And guess what…

Where ego is only push YOU HAVE PULL.

And so, not once have I ever used technology that is advertised as “smart home” because I know it’s not. It’s a highjacking that’s all it is. It’s imposter imposing. It takes me away from what I need to do myself. Just to spend money on useless shit.

And this is exactly how the “geniuses” steal your time. It’s ass-backwards. The “experts” are not only not being honest with you they’re not being honest with themselves. Home is what we make it not the technology.

I know the industry is “hype” it can’t compete with the human being. It really can’t. Do you know what “hype” actually is? It’s what IMMATURE (key word to recognize) economists and “experts” feed you because they can’t or won’t do anything themselves.


And we see this in the consumer every single day… they don’t want to do anything themselves THIS IS THE ACTUAL DEMAND. This is the behaviour we see that’s merely mimicked. AND THIS IS WHAT CAPITALISTS LOVE for obvious bullshit not reason.

AND THAT’S REDUNDANCY. A real genius would NEVER go along with it.

It’s exactly that redundancy that has me both frustrated and inspired to move on alone. BECAUSE IT’S A HUGE WASTE OF MY TIME. AND THEIRS.

And do you know what supposed superiors say when you approach the subject… they don’t care, it’s a paycheque. Excuses are made. Because they don’t have the balls to say something nor face it/themselves.

So do I have to live with/like that?

No. I’m confident to do things on my own I’d rather that than be manipulated.

Your future generations may have no decision to make on their own. NEVERMIND CHOICE — CHOICE IS FOR KIDS. THAT WORD IS ANOTHER MANIPULATION. And THAT should be a HUGE concern of yours. It has NOTHING to do with thinking.

It’s coming, I already see it in the workplace. I see it in policies. I see it in government.

And that’s why real people would rather stay at home. Where they are better off anyway, and always were.

Now, what occurs when we remove money and it no longer exists?

We have a lot less useless ideas that were always just out for profit. And “the people” free to actually do what’s worthwhile.

And the rest of the monkeys will see they can’t play their games anymore and will have to either live to eat or die.

THAT’S the reality. THAT’S the reality you need to see if you want to see your species — the entire species — do well worldwide.

Many see COVID-19 as a bad thing.

However, it’s not bad, it’s on earth because it can be.

And the way I see it — it’s cleaning up.

It’s cleaning up all the ideas and empowering Homo sapiens to see what’s actually important.

What’s unfortunate is that the elderly are dying.

But you know what…

They wouldn’t have died, COVID-19 wouldn’t be here, if you — the species — MINDED YOUR OWN BUSINESS.


And nobody is working for that — they don’t have the self-discipline — because they were manipulated to work against themselves.

Our own leaders who are supposed to be examples nevermind set examples are not even determined to do anything on their own.

And that’s a weakness they should ought to want to get rid of immediately.

It takes real self-discipline, which is integrity to lead a good life. That is all.

And who will ever need more than that?

Our species is depressed and they don’t know why.

HOWEVER, I know EXACTLY HOW it is they are depressed.

They’ve been giving in without even knowing something about themselves.

Lack of acknowledgement from their leaders that RATHER than have self-control INSTEAD get off on control of others.

And that’s critically important, but for some strange dumbass reason the leaders of countries don’t mind setting their people up for failure, which means they fail.

I am no further ahead today than when I started using it. It’s really not for the consumer. It’s taken up a lot of my time (even now the machine can’t keep up with my typing speed it’s slowing me down — I have to wait for it). Yet, it’s BRAND NEW. And what is “brand?” It’s only a name.

And it’s costly. It’s really not a necessary thing to create such expense. I can totally live without it.

So “high standard of living?”

Right. They’re only eating their heart out.

It’s just a pitch. You don’t have to run away with it.

What you will never want is a high-maintenance society on account of high-maintenance leaders, believe me, it will cost you way more than your paycheque. All they care about is money. And that’s weak.

I innately know I am way better off keeping to practical. Because nobody can cheat you when you are. And my grandparents also knew this they never once asked anybody to do anything for them. It’s only by birth that I already knew this without ever having to be told.

The consumer is actually a lot more efficient believe it or not than has been led to believe.

You’re not the market they say you are, you’re the distraction in their head that keeps them from doing what they could do themselves, but would rather you did it for them “the easy way.”

Now, does that sound like “innovation?”

It used to be that men provided for their families. The women looked after their own kids.

Now, they only want to play. And there’s a high rate of divorce because of it.

But nobody’s gonna tell you that.

Nobody’s gonna tell you like it really is the state of democracy, which only exists in your head.

You can’t eat money. And neither can they.

So how do they make you believe you need it more than that?

Well, you more than likely come from a family of early divorce, so you’ve always been without that and don’t think about family for your own future. And you’ve never had to be without technology, so it’s more natural to you than nature. MORE NATURAL TO YOU THAN NATURE.

It’s an oxymoron.


And that’s not intelligence, that’s self-deceit on their part moreso.

Because they may have already invented something worthwhile if they were self-content rather than making you miserable day after day after day watching you bang your head over and over again. LOL

Then there’s my generation, the last one left. Technology never existed when I did.

I’ve always done things on my own still doing things myself I’ve never once been tempted to give up my independence it’s innate that would be foolish.

And I put that to the test. For a couple of years. And what did I lose? Some money. What did the developer gain? Some money. Big whoopee. That’s not problem solving, money will never be the answer to anything.

It is lucky for you, I still exist, intelligent enough nevermind smart enough to burst your bubble.

Now, let the real thinking begin…

DO KEEP IN MIND that everything I have written here someone or somebody, as manipulative genius or manipulative industry who are simply immature kids we all have experience with as children once ourselves, will already be trying to work their magical words around it and make sure it can be used ahead to their own advantage.

That alone should motivate you enough to think and see even further ahead without me ever having to say I told you so. And I won’t. We DO have to learn on our own. That’s what being an adult is about.

And if you don’t see that you won’t see how you aren’t free to have your own time or space to do that. And be one.

Because it’s not actually about you and “getting ahead.”

As “consumer” you’re consuming what isn’t you — AS HOMO SAPIEN.

That’s what takes you away from yourself — AS HUMAN BEING.

Because recall it hasn’t been defined. It’s up to you to define it.

And when you don’t make that decision?

Don’t understimate your own human development — there’s enough everyone already takes for granted that frees up minds to take total control of them.

There’s no actual definition for Human, which means it doesn’t exist.

That’s either convenient for the “geniuses”or an advantage for you to make something of it.

Because thought doesn’t actually know what it is.

Brilliance reflects from you, but with the opposite effect.

They don’t know it. And neither do you.

It makes them stupid at the same time they make themselves stupid over it.

All they know is they’re using you.

And that’s an immature stance.

Nobody owns you. You can turn bullshit completely around. All you need to do is take ownership of your own life.

All you need is self-discipline. All you need to do is think.

“The real question is not whether machines think, but whether men do.” -B. F. Skinner, Psychologist

Life may require a “mad genius” the only mind driven for actual survival skill. It actually wants to get ahead of itself.

But don’t let that scare you, as it’s not interested in you. Not because you aren’t worthwhile it’s because you don’t live like you are.

That takes instinct.

That’s the future you need to know.

Homo sapiens must be willing to recognize and acknowledge what’s more important in order to actually think and see ahead…

…because there’s a cheating bunch of their own kind that doesn’t think of the state of mind in their head…

…is the species as consumer more capable that doesn’t even gain benefit or the inefficient brains that undermine them for their own means to its end…

Let it wither. Otherwise, you do.

“Technology is here to solve the needs of markets. Otherwise, technology withers.”-PEWRESEARCH.ORG

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